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Restorative yoga & nidra

A more therapeutic way to practice yoga, here you will practice how to relax and restore the body and mind. A very resilience practice if you feel with stress, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue... you are recuperating from an operation, or simly you had too much latetly and you need that it is time to boost your nervous system.

Restorative yoga and the nidra meditation both are tools to train the parasympathetic system, the part of the nervous system that we tend to use less. In this way it will train and help the body restore itself.

This private class lasts 1h30 minuts and you do not need to have any yoga equipment, I will guide you previous to the practise what you need to have during the session. The sessions are online and we can arrange the time that is best for you.

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Restorative yoga and yoga nidra 1h30 minutes

Be kind whenever you can, but most important be kind to yourself

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