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When we use the body to heal, this happens with no effort and often in the most soft way we could have ever imagined.

Meditating at Home

Deep listening - calming the mind -connecting with your body- hatha yoga- mindful movement, releasing techniques, nidra, restorative yoga - enhancing your intuition. these are some of the techniques that I propose for recover of different ailments like:

back pain - insominia - anxiety - stress - burn out - period pain - endometriosis and ovarien cyst...


I offer one to one sessions for people wishing to recover from anxiety, burn out, hormonal imbalances, insomnia... the correct use of asanas, breathing, relaxation, meditation and authentic movement can help considerable to improve and heal these ailments and many others.


This can be also for you if you want to have more attention in a particular area and perhaps are recovering from injury.

Perhaps you simply would like to experience yoga at your own pace or focus on some particular aspect of yoga like meditation, restorative yoga, relaxation or breathing techniques.

Get 4 private sessions

Estirar sobre una esterilla de yoga
Colchoneta de yoga plegable

Get 10 private sessions


I would also consider classes of two students if you have a friend who is interested and available at the same time on a regular basis. Bookings can be made in blocks ten sessions as well as one off classes. First class is 1h30 minutes, following classes are 1 hour.

  Single class  60€

Block of 4 classes 200 euros
  Block of 10 single classes 500€




I have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Late cancellations will be liable for full payment.

For more information please contact me

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