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Cacao Ceremony

In a world that it is constantly demanding and it makes us always look outside instead of inside. When we look inside we can connect with our needs and with what really matters most to us, the plant will help us in this process.

Cacao ceremonies are a way to connect with our inner wisdom and a way to feel connection  with the group or the person participating in the ceremony. Connection is one of the best gifts in this live, we all human beings need.

Apart from this, if pure cacao is taken like in the ancient times it has many benefits:

It is an antioxidant, is one of the foods with higher content in magnesium, reduces menstrual pain, boosts the hormone of hapiness, the serotonin. Good levels of serotonin will help to feel more focus, emotionally stable, happier and calmer. And it is also great for a healthy heart.

How can I book a session for me and my loved ones?

I accompany you in this travel through an online private cacao ceremony. Once you book, we will fix the time that best suit you and I let you know what to bring into these two hours of pure bliss. You can get this present for yourself or you can invite some friends or family.

The ceremony is 90 euros and this price is for a maximum group of 4 people. If your are a bigger group or have more questions, email me.

When I listen to my inner guidance, I am on the magic pathway

Louise Hay

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