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Looking after the health and wellness of all the team through techniques of relaxation, mindfulness, yoga and meditation. We help you to create a new activity that it will benefit You and your colleagues.  You can choose presential or online classes, between yoga, meditation or both.  Book a free appointment or email me for any questions.


Yoga Customized for Your Workplace

  • When the team prefers: at lunch break, first time in the morning or after work.

  • Yoga/ Meditation/ Mindfulness sessions

  • Programs:

    • yoga and mindfulnes

    • yoga for stress management

    • single yoga class

    • single meditation class

    • yoga and meditation

The Class Consists of:

  • Relaxation to connect with your body

  • Breathing exercises. The different breathing techniques allow to calm the mind and emotions.

  • Movement and breathing sequences

  • Asanas, yoga postures

  • Meditation

  • Final Relaxation


Benefits to Your Employees:

  • Reduces stress and back problems
  • Increases energy levels

  • Increases flexibility and mobility

  • Improves posture

  • Improves body strength and tone

Benefits to Your Business:


  • Reduces absence related to poor health

  • Reduces your costs related to staff turnover

  • Improve productivity and maximize your profits

  • Creates a great workplace

  • Improves staff motivation

Some companies with whom I worked or I am working:, KIK-IRPA, CPAS, AG Insurance, Museum of Natural Sciences (Brussels), Chez PIAS,  Friends of Europe ...

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