Hola, I'm Isabel. Thank you for being here.

I started practicing yoga in Barcelona, my home town, thirteen years ago. I moved to Edinburgh where I lived 7 years and continued with my yoga practice learning different yoga styles from different teachers. I had the chance to learn from very qualified teachers both in Barcelona and Edinburgh. Now I have been leaving in Brussels for the past 5 years, continuing to learn and sharing my passion for yoga.

I learned hatha yoga with Anne McKune for 5 years, a yoga teacher with more than 40 years of experience. I learned kundalini yoga in the Happy Yoga Centre in Barcelona and viniyoga from a teacher following the studies of Krishnamacharya yoga Mandiram School. Later I learned Sivananda style from a teacher who encouraged me to go deeper into my practice. It was then when I decided to do the Teacher Training Course from the International Sivananda Yoga Center in 2008. This gave me a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification, recognised by The Yoga Alliance.​ 

Parallel to that, I studied a BA (Hons) degree in Languages and Intercultural Communication where I did a dissertation on 'How to counteract stress through yoga'. This research on analyzing the levels of stress in students is the beginning of a PHD that I have put aside and I will undertake in the future.

Afterwards, I became very interested in Yoga as a tool to counteract stress and obtained a Diploma in Yoga with Stress Management from the International Sivananda Yoga Center (2010).

Learning from different teachers and through differing styles has allowed me to combine my own methods which are always accommodated to each individual’s needs and physical capabilities. The type of yoga I teach is mainly focused on promoting health and well-being. Using yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation we will activate, energise and nourish the body’s energy centres, or chakras. I personally find this ancient philosophy a useful therapy and love teaching it to others.

“Meditation is the only royal road to the attainment of freedom”

-Swami Sivananda


I believe that this freedom is not the freedom from negative thoughts or vibes but liberation from the illnesses of body, mind and soul. In daily life we face many physical conditions, caused by stress, tension, undisciplined food habits, unhealthy life style etc. But in most of the cases the reason is the malaise of mind.

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