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Hola, I'm Isabel. Thank you for being here.

I started practicing yoga in Barcelona, my home town, fifteen years ago and haven't stop since then.

Teaching and sharing the passion for the yoga since 2008 and owner of Hatha Yoga Union since ten years ago. 

I have been Inspired from different yoga styles viniyoga, kundalini yoga, sivananda, hatha yoga but also other therapies like vipassana meditation, singing mantras, fendelkrais, thai yoga massage and skinner realising technique, (a somatic practice).

My curiosity for learning about the body and how to release ailments through gentle movement, postures, breathing and meditation took me to teach in a very therapeutic way where the most important is the observation and listen of oneself.


Another of my curiosity is learning about different cultures, I think this took me to travel a bit and at the same time discover other yoga approaches in India, Scotland, France, Belgium and Costa Rica. I am now back to my roots with all these knowledges collected from different parts of the world that I am looking forward to share with you. I'm  living now between Brussels and Barcelona continuing to learn and sharing my passion for yoga and the welbeing of body, mind and soul.





Teacher Training Course from the International Sivananda Yoga Center in 2008.

Diploma in  Yoga with Stress Management (by Yoga Alliance)

Diploma in Restorative Yoga  and Yoga Nidra (byYoga Alliance)

Diploma in Thai Yoga Massage level 1 and 2

Diploma in Yoga for balance our Chakras

Trained in kids yoga

Trained in Yoga for fibromyalgia

She is learning Skinner Releasing Technique for the past 4 years. A somatic practice of movement, dance and creativity.


"Meditation is the only real path to the attainment of freedom" Swami Sivananda
This freedom is not freedom from negative thoughts or vibrations, but freedom from diseases of the body, mind and soul. In daily life we are confronted with many physical conditions, caused by stress, tension, undisciplined eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. But in most cases the reason is the malaise of the mind.

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